Sunderland Green and Open Spaces Forum (SGOSF) is an umbrella organisation that aims to give a collective voice to volunteers who are working on green and open spaces in the city of Sunderland. This includes parks, allotments, heritage sites, watercourses, community gardens and any other ‘green’ or ‘blue’ spaces.

Roker Pier and Lighthouse – completed in 1903 the lighthouse has required constant repair as it endures gale force winds, torrential waves and extremes of temperature

About Sunderland Green and Open Spaces Forum

The Victoria Hall disaster memorial in Mowbray Park, Sunderland – On 16 June 1883 a fire killed 183 children in a concert hall. Many were crushed due to restricted fire exits leading to a change in the law requiring venues to have ‘push bar’ emergency doors.

The Forum came together in the Spring of 2017, as groups across the city are facing a number of challenges. Coming together as a group we can share ideas, knowledge, support each other, create new partnerships, and hopefully have more influence on decision making across the city. It should also make it easier to contact each other and make communications between groups easier.

The Benefits are:

  • Providing help in setting up a Friends Group
  • Develop and share good practice among the membership
  • Help to strengthen local organisations by having a co-operative and coordinating function
  • Providing a first point of contact for groups who wish to highlight issues
  • Influence and shape green and open space decision making in the city and, as appropriate, regionally and nationally
  • Alert and respond to issues impacting on open spaces in the city
  • Sharing Equipment
  • Create new partnerships
  • Sharing ideas
  • Increase lobbying power
  • Group Funding Bids